Get a Kitten

Get a kitten: 

If you would like to purchase a Ragdoll kitten, please email us with what you are looking for in terms of gender, color, pattern, pet or show quality, etc. Please email

Deposits are accepted to reserve a kitten of your choice until he is ready to leave his mother. Kittens go to new homes at 12 weeks of age or older. Deposit is $300 in the form of a cashier’s check, money order or cash. All deposits are nonrefundable, but in some cases, may be applied to a kitten from a different litter at our discretion.

The kittens are offered on “first come-first serve” basis. Please note that a kitten is not considered reserved and will be offered to other parties for reservation, until we receive deposit to hold the kitten. The breeder reserves the right to make a first pick of the litter at the breeder’s discretion.

Kittens come to new homes spayed/neutered, 1 or 2 immunizations/de-worming rounds, litter box trained, good manners, eat well and happy healthy babies. The blue slip from TICA and copy of parent’s registration and/or pedigree for your purebred Ragdoll kitten will be provided.

We don’t offer visitations to the cattery while pregnant queens or young kittens – babies and moms health precaution. However, we start taking photos of the babies shortly after the birth, then again every 7-10 days, and send out to show how the babies are growing. First visitation is offered when the youngest babies in the current litters are 7+ weeks old.

We don’t ship our kittens, sorry.

Pricing – price depends on the color, pattern, and quality of the kitten. Please inquire. All pet and show quality kittens are spayed/neutered before they go to new homes, no exceptions. 

Pet quality kittens could have faults such as a minor hock spot, an uneven blaze, or mismatched mittens that would disqualify in the show hall . These kittens are just as beautiful  as their show quality litter mates, but they cannot be shown due to the minor cosmetic fault . That have no impact on the kitten’s health.

Show quality kittens are marked perfectly, have good eye color and coat, bone structure and are otherwise up to TICA Ragdoll standard. They have a potential to win a cat show, although not guaranteed. If you just want to have a ‘perfect’ Ragdoll, then a show quality kitten is for you.

Breeder quality kittens are up to TICA standard, but might have slight mismarks in pattern. They carry a potential to produce show quality kittens with the right breeding partner.

Show/breeders are the top-quality cats that are perfect in all regards, and are priced the highest. Breeders come with full TICA registration and breeding or breeding/show rights included.

Please check with us about the current availability of our pet, show and breeding kittens for sale. Please inquire at Hope to hear from you soon!