Testimonials from adoptive parents of our babies:

I simply have to ask…does every ragdoll act like a little puppy??
Sergio has to be next to me all day long…if I try to close the bedroom door.. he cries softly until I open it!! Sergio is unbelievable..I have never had such a loving kitten.

-Stuart from Oakland, dad of little Sergio, November 2012


Bogey has adjusted well to his new home and his new best friend (Bailey). The two of them are together all the time. Bailey (female West Highland Terrier) is Bogey’s nanny.  We are just thrilled with Bogey. We have never had a cat who is so attentive and interactive with people. He is anything but shy, he wants to interact with anyone who comes to the house be it animal or human. He is the greatest!

– Tim and Ann from Alameda, mom and dad of Bogey. August 2012


Naurice has been the best cat I have ever owned! He is sweet, loving, happy, friendly, and absolutly stunning to look at! but don’t be fooled he can hunt with the best of them bringing in all kinds of birds, lizards and mice! even chasing down the bratty yorkie when necessary!

-Linda, mom of Naurice, April 2012


Puffin’s fur is so colorful and beautiful, I don’t think he really has any more white fur left except for his blaze, feet, and on his under belly. His fur is magnificent and always the first thing people who see him admire, with all the beautiful shades of grey’s and tan’s.

-Thom from Sunnyvale, dad of Puffin, February 2011


Jazzpurr is the most delightful cat, he has the cutest personality, and is so sweet and affectionate.

-Kathryn from East Bay, mom of Jazzpurr


(Mandisa) She is amazing. We both just love her! I will recommend your kittens far and wide!”

-Mahea from Oakland, mom of little Mandisa, November 2011.


(Clare) She is such a wonderful kitty and we are enjoying her so much. We just love our Clare. I am so happy that we found you online.

-Cathy from San Mateo, mom of Clare; March 2012


(Piper’s) her personality is just wonderful! she does follow me around and sleeps in my bed with me! she likes to burrow under the sheets. she runs all over the apartment (fast) and loves to play with sparkly or noisy stuff! she is gorgeous and soft like a mink coat. she has big blue eyes and stares at me…like she’s in a trance! i love her!!!!

-Whitney from San Francisco, mom of Piper; November 2011


They ( Hunter and Honey) are so wonderful. I’m really enjoying them. They keep changing in size and coloring. I feel so fortunate to have them. I have been meaning to write you earlier and thank you for the opportunity to have them. Even more I just wanted to tell you I appreciate your honesty and integrity. You were so good to work with throughout the time I obtained each one. I don’t think this is the case with all breeders.  So at this Thanksgiving time Hunter, Honey and I wish you happy Thanksgiving and you are one of the people we are especially grateful for being in our lives!

– Debra from San Francisco, mom of Hunter and Honey, November 2017