Kings & Queens

Kings and Queens:

Meet our amazing breeders, that came from the most reputable Ragdoll catteries.

The King of the cattery, and the daddy of our babies – Mittens. Mittens has creamy-white silky fur, dark chocolate coloration of mask, beautiful mittens, sweet expression of his face and a wonderful personality to match. Mittens came to us all the way from Canada, and he has champion lines in his pedigree. His father Son Of a Mink (Sonny) is awarded a title of “2nd Best Chocolate Point Ragdoll of the Year”, and his mother is a rare Cinnamon point coloration girl, which also makes Mittens a very special kitty.

Queen of the cattery – Fiona Jelly Bean. Fiona is a pretty girl with delicate markings, and she is also very funny. Fiona is a very dedicated mom, and she loves babies so much. She is a wonderful addition to our cattery.

Queen of the cattery –  Rosa. She is Chocolate point girl with beautiful mittens and tiny blaze.  Rosa is simply gorgeous kitty.
































Queen of the cattery Emily. Emily is a Blue point Lynx sweet girl with piercing blue eyes.

All four our kitties like each other so much, and always hugging and kissing each other, and often sleep together. Happy family. 🙂