Welcome to Ragdoll Palace Cattery. We are located in the San Francisco Bay Area in beautiful California. Our TICA registered cattery is small (two Ragdoll cats) and all cats and kittens live at home with us in a loving environment.

Both our breeders have beautiful white mittens on their feet, that look like they were powdered with the snow, and most of our kittens have very pretty snowy paws as well. All our kittens have vivid blue eyes and wonderful loving personalities.

We breed Traditional and Mink Ragdolls in seal and blue colors. On rare occasion we get kittens in chocolate and lilac colors. Our patterns are color point, mitted and bi-color.

Our cats and kittens are purebred TICA registered Ragdolls. All our Ragdoll breeder cats came from well established and respected Ragdoll catteries. We sell pet, show and breeding quality kittens. For prices and procedure for getting a kitten, visit our Get a Kitten page.

Please visit our Available Kittens page for the pictures of kittens we have currently available and for announcements of a new litter. Once the kittens are born we start accepting deposits for them.

Also visit Testimonials page to see what other adoptive parents had to say of our cattery over the years. You're also welcome to ask any questions you might have about our kittens/cats.

Please email at ragdollpalace@gmail.com.

We are strongly against kittens being de-clawed and express it in the purchase agreement. If you considered the procedure before, we truly hope you will change your mind.

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